Pet Imaging

Our hospital is well-equipped with technology that helps us fully understand your furry family member’s health issues and provide optimal treatment.

Pet Imaging

Our advanced diagnostic imaging is a key way to get to the root of the issue and help your pet surgically or medically. Using our CT scanner and in-house ultrasonography, we can visually examine the areas inside your pet that are causing problems.

CT Scanning

CT scans are non-invasive but require anesthesia, which we carefully monitor during the procedure. Once the scan is performed, it takes some time to view the images. The images are made up of thousands of electronic snapshots that, when viewed together, can give us a complete view inside your pet’s problem area. We have uncovered the tiniest medical issues using this device, which has helped many pets recover from chronic or acute illnesses!


Similarly, ultrasonography provides a visual window inside your pet’s organs and soft tissue. Here, we can understand what may be causing your pet discomfort inside so we can create a surgical or medical treatment plan with you and get your pet feeling better.

CT Scan Machine