Procedure Consent Form

Fill out this form in advance of dropping off your pet on surgery day to save time.
  • Please fill in the date of the procedure being performed.
  • Please indicate the name of the procedure we will be performing for your pet today.
  • Procedures usually require that your pet not receive food or water prior to their appointment. Please tell us the last time you gave your pet any food or water.
  • Please list any medications your pet is currently taking and the last time they were given.
  • The doctor will perform a complete physical exam on the day of surgery. Bloodwork can be performed to check kidney and liver values prior to undergoing anesthesia. The cost of this bloodwork is $197.00. All pets 7 years or older must undergo this testing. Would you like your pet to have a pre-anethetic blood screen today?
  • Would you like us to microchip your pet while under anesthesia? Microchipping increases the likelihood that you pet will be found if lost. Cost to implant microchip is $69.00.