The Benefits of Laser Therapy

Are any of your beloved cats, dogs or other small animals struggling with a chronic pain condition or on the mend from a soft tissue injury? If so, you undoubtedly want them to enjoy the fastest healing and safest pain relief you can find for them. Here at Radnor Veterinary Hospital we completely understand your concern — and that’s why our veterinarians offer a remarkable drug-free technique known as laser therapy to help your special friend achieve a higher quality of life.

Lasers have been widely utilized in medicine for decades. You may be familiar with surgical lasers, which can cut and cauterize tissue with pinpoint accuracy. But the type of laser we employ for therapeutic purposes is low as a low-level or “cold” laser. This device emits a beam of amplified light at a lower frequency range than its surgical cousin; this allows the light to pass right through the skin without cutting or burning it.

As magical as this sounds, it’s what the light does within your pet’s body that makes it truly special. The light frequencies stimulate injured cells to produce more of a vital substance called ATP. This gives the cells more “fuel” to repair themselves, resulting in quicker healing of injured tissues. The light energy also stimulates blood flow at the injury site so the tissues have plenty of oxygen and nutrients to work with.

Does your cat, dog or small animal suffer from acute or chronic pain and inflammation? Laser therapy is a highly effective alternative to anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications — an important consideration if your cat or dog cannot tolerate such medicines easily. The boost in circulation created by the amplified light beam improves lymphatic drainage to relieve edema (swelling) while also helping the tissues flush out painful inflammatory substances. Laser therapy can even help damaged nerves regain more normal function.

Laser Therapy for Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia, Bala Cynwyd, Norristown, Bryn Mawr, Wayne and Paoli PA

Radnor Veterinary Hospital provides laser therapy for dogs, cats and small animals in Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia, Bala Cynwyd, Norristown, Bryn Mawr, Wayne and Paoli PA. First we will conduct the necessary examinations to make sure that your pet is a good candidate for this therapy. An actual therapy session takes only a few minutes and causes no discomfort — in fact, your pet will experience a welcome, soothing warmth even as the laser works to relieve pain and promote healing. All your pet has to do is sit or lie on your table while we use a handheld instrument to direct the beam. Several sessions may be necessary to give your pet the full benefit of laser therapy, but since the treatment is completely safe and harmless, you can schedule it as regularly as you like.

Call Radnor Veterinary Hospital at 610-687-1550 to arrange for laser therapy from our veterinarians. Your cats, dogs or small animals are worth it!