Client and Patient Care Teams

Marianne Donato, MBA, CVPM

Hospital Administrator

Marianne greatly enjoys managing the practice, getting to work with all of our wonderful staff, and of course, watching our team take great care of your pets! Marianne has a background in Information Technology, Client Operations, and Project Management. She completed her MBA through Capella University and earned the Certified Veterinary Hospital Manager certification from the Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association. She greatly enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, as well as working out. She shares her home with her husband and three stepchildren, a bichon named Sammie, and a cat named Fivi.


Office Manager

Shauna comes to us with a love for all animals and prior experience as a veterinary receptionist. She shares her home with he fiancé David, and her three cats – Dobby, Snape, and Hermione, and a black lab named Natty. In case it’s not obvious she also loves Harry Potter, in addition to working out. Shauna works very hard to make sure our staff is well taken care of, so that they can do their best at taking care of your pets!


Office Assistant, Client Care Specialist

Amy is our longest employee with over 18 years of wonderful support! She has been our Office Manager in the past and currently helps out at reception and with bookkeeping and special projects. Amy is mom to two lovely young girls and shares her home with her husband Phil, their cat Newman, their lab mix Puddy, and their dane mix, Moose.


Client Care Specialist

Lexi is a part of our front desk team and comes to us with prior veterinary reception experience. She is proud mother to Lucy Marie, a lab mix; cats Bud and Boots; Lilo, a Boxer mix, and lives with her boyfriend Jason. When she’s not working she loves playing guitar and she sings in a classic rock/country band.


Client Care Specialist

Allie comes to us with prior experience in the veterinary field and really enjoys being able to help animals as a career. She is proud mom to her young children Addy and Thomas, a German Shepherd named Lincoln, and a Mountain Cur dog named Daemon, as well as a silver tabby named Greta. Allie loves spending time with her husband Craig and her family!


Client Care Specialist

Shannon was a client of ours who realized during a visit with her bearded dragon Pancake, that it would be a cool place to work! Shannon enjoys gaining experience in the veterinary world and enjoys the friendships she’s built with her awesome front desk team.

Patient Care Team


Veterinary Technician

Chrissy has been with us since Fall, 2018. She comes to us with an Associates degree in Biology from Delaware County Community College and plans to continue toward a Bachelor’s degree in the same coursework. When she’s not working hard with us she likes to practice yoga, read and ski (presumably not at the same time), and she also like teaching her cat tricks! She has two cats actually – Jules and Dakota. She really enjoys all of the exotic pet knowledge she gets from working with us. Fun fact – Chrissy has 15 years of experience in ballet!


Veterinary Technician

Andrea has been with us for over three years. She previously worked with dogs for five years as a boarding manager. She loves spending time with her family including her best friend and sister Angelina, and also loves going to the beach. Andrea shares her home with her super loving rescue pets – a pitbull named Mama, and her cat Lenny.


Veterinary Technician

Melissa rounds out our team with experience as a veterinary technician, and education in the field from Manor College. She loves being an advocate for the patients she works with, and one of her favorite parts of her job is monitoring pets under anesthesia to get them safely back to their family! Melissa is pet mom to rabbits Ozzy, Daisy and Peach; and her cat named Duck.


Junior Veterinary Technician

Raven brings a unique background of not only having experience in the veterinary field, but she also holds a Bachelor’s degree in pre-medicine, and a MS in forensic science! Raven is working on a part-time basis for the moment but we are excited to soon have her in a full-time capacity. Raven has two cats named Charcoal and Toast; a Russian tortoise named The Boulder; a dog named Penny and a blind leopard gecko named Murdock. Raven likes kayaking and crocheting and she is looking very forward to working more with us very soon!


Junior Veterinary Technician

Taylor worked with us previously and has return to us with a new level of experience, having gained more nursing skills at another veterinary practice. Taylor is very excited to be back with her work family taking care of all the exotic pets we see while broadening her skills even further as she trains to become a technician.


Junior Veterinary Technician

Katie has been with us for years, formerly starting in our kennel and working her way  up to veterinary assistant. Katie works at another facility and brings her smiling face and skills with dogs, cats, and exotic pets to us a few days a week.


Veterinary Assistant

Tess has been an employee of The Radnor Dog Club since 2018 and has taken great care of our boarding pets and dog daycare visitors. Recently Tess started working in the hospital as a veterinary assistant. She is very excited to expand her knowledge in animal care by helping the doctors and staff with handling pets during their visits. Tess shares her home with her parents Mimi and Kevin, and her two brothers Max and Kyle, as well has her chocolate lab Shay, her tuxedo cat Stitch, and her red eared slider named Crush.


Veterinary Assistant

Jessica is a new graduate with a degree in veterinary and biomedical sciences from Penn State Main Campus, and is looking to continue on this path to become a veterinarian. Jessica hopes to gain more hands-on experience in the field before and during her time at vet school. She has two siblings, Nathan and Lucy. She loves getting to spend time with all of our diverse pets, but when not at work she also loves rock climbing, arts and crafts, playing guitar, piano and singing, and also playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and basketball. Jessica also likes to mismatch her socks for a little extra color in her day!


Veterinary Assistant

Dana is a veterinary assistant who is currently working toward a degree in human development and family studies. She is one of a set of twins, and has two dogs – Max and Bentley. When not enjoying all of the animals she gets to see at work, she likes playing basketball and hanging out with her friends.


Veterinary Assistant

Olivia brings her love of animals to her work. She has 3 cats, Sigmund, Theodore, and Amelia, and she greatly enjoys working with them on clicker training. She also likes to travel and hike, along with knitting and crocheting. Fun fact about Olivia – she is a twin and her sister is also a veterinary assistant!


Veterinary Assistant

Frank brings his easy-going attitude and a prior background in security to embark on a new phase of his career in the veterinary world. Frank loves working in this field as it has given him a real understanding of what it means to truly care about the work you do. Frank spends his time with his shih tzu Georgie, and enjoys comic books, gaming and movies. Fun fact about Frank – he was named after the Patron Saint of Animals – St. Francis of Assisi. : )


Veterinary Assistant

Kyra is attending Delaware County Community College’s surgical technician program. Her family collectively owns 22 pets including 9 reptiles! Kyra really enjoys her contribution to animal care at our hospital.


Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany joins us with an Associates degree in Animal Center Management and is very excited to be working with all the different species we see! She has two cats, a chicken, and a mastiff/cane corso mix. She also has a second job as a barn manager where she takes care of horses and a donkey!


Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Boarding and Dog Daycare Care Team


The Radnor Dog Club Supervisor

Reese has been with us for several years at The Radnor Dog Club. You’ll see him on both sides of our indoor dog park. He loves french bulldogs and works closely with the French Bulldog Village Rescue as a foster home. Chances are, if you bring your dog to The Radnor Dog Club, Reese knows them well! In addition to loving dogs, another passion of his is fitness. He has a background in football and personal training. He and his girlfriend Carly share their home with their daughter Kami and their two frenchies named Koopa and Bodie. Reese takes great pride in learning as much as he can about each pet who stays with us so that our staff takes the best possible care of them.


The Radnor Dog Club Receptionist

Corrine is a part of our full-time boarding and dog daycare team with a true love for all dogs! She’s working toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with the goal of becoming a humane officer. Corrine has a background in fostering dogs and has assisted in finding homes for over 200 dogs! She loves spending time with her family dogs Max and Annie, as well as her boyfriend Matt. When not at work she loves having adventures with her friends and checking out new restaurants.


Dog Park/Boarding Attendant

Zack brings his love for animals to our boarding team. He has two dogs of his own – a basset/coonhound mix named Tina Fey, and a basset/lab mix named Nigel. Zack loves photography, and fun fact…Zack has 5 years of experience in breakdancing!


Dog Park/Boarding Attendant

Biography coming soon!

Part-Time Student Employees

We provide job opportunities to local students looking to start working in the animal field. Several students make up our regular rotation of dog park and boarding kennel attendants who gain animal care experience, which has helped many move on to veterinary careers!

We also offer internships, externships and volunteer positions for anyone looking to become more educated on the joys of working in veterinary medicine.

We currently have a regular student rotation partnership with University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, and we also run regular volunteer programs with local universities and high schools.

Join Our Team! We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are interested in a career in animal care. Download our Employment Application today!