Orthopedic Surgery

By May 24, 2010

Pet Orthopedic Surgery from Our Wayne Veterinarian

Despite your best efforts at giving your pet the safest and healthiest life possible, joint problems or injuries may necessitate orthopedic surgery at some point. Degenerative conditions, traumatic accidents and even congenital or breed-related chronic issues may all call for the services of a skilled Wayne veterinarian with experience in pet orthopedic surgery. When your pet needs this kind of help, you can rely on our four-vet team at Radnor Veterinary Hospital to help your pet get back on his feet again.

Pet orthopedic surgery aims to repair or modify problems in an animal’s joints or bones. These problems may either acute emergencies or slow-growing conditions that have steadily become more painful and disabling over a period of years. A fractured leg or joint damage sustained in an auto accident is a prime example of the former, while a degenerative joint condition such as osteoarthritis is a common occurrence of the latter type. If your pet is limping, refusing to run or jump or having trouble standing up and lying down, he may have an orthopedic problem that requires surgical attention. If he has been in an accident, treat the situation as an emergency and bring him to a vet at Radnor Veterinary Hospital immediately.

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