Dental X-ray

Digital Dental X-Ray Technology 

When it comes to your beloved pet’s health, a high standard of dental diagnosis and treatment is a must — especially since bacterial infections below the gum line can migrate to other parts of the body, potentially causing severe organ damage. Traditional film-based x-rays are a helpful means of viewing the interior of the gums, teeth and jaw, but they also have their risks and limitations. Fortunately, our team at Radnor Veterinary Hospital offers an even safer, more effective solution — digital dental x-ray technology for animals just like yours.

Digital dental x-rays provides some notable benefits, including:

  • Speedier processing – A digital photograph is ready for viewing almost instantly. Instead of developing film, our animal hospital staff can simply refer to the digital image on a computer monitor. If for any reason we need to re-take an x-ray, we know right away instead of having to wait and see.
  • Higher quality – Digital x-rays can produce images in much higher quality and greater detail than standard film-based x-rays. The more detail we can see, the more early-stage issues we can catch.
  • Safer technology – Digital x-rays require less radiation than the standard film-based variety. This provides a safer procedure for pets and veterinarians alike!
  • Easier sharing – Nothing could quicker or easier than sharing a digital x-ray with another veterinary consultant; it’s simply a matter of emailing the file. If you ever have to move away and switch veterinarians, this convenience could come in especially handy for all concerned.

Radnor Veterinary Hospital serves Wayne, Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia, Bala Cynwyd, Norristown, Bryn Mawr and Paoli PA pets. Our digital dental x-ray and other diagnostic techniques will reveal any problems that might require treatment in their early stages, enabling our veterinarians to administer the most effective, least invasive care possible. If you want your faithful companion to get the full benefit of modern veterinary dental technology, call today at 610-687-1550 to schedule a dental wellness evaluation.